iPhone 5S: Apple Will Start Selling It at Midnight of September 20

Jaycee De Guzman September 15, 2013 1
iPhone 5S: Apple Will Start Selling It at Midnight of September 20


Apple has finally announced the exact time and date as to when the new iPhone 5S will be available in the market. The announcement disagrees with everyone’s thoughts the new iPhone will be released at the same time with the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C is the lowest-priced version of the handset. It has the same features and probably has competitive specifications like any of the iPhone models. Apple has started accepting preorders of the handset. These orders are taken by any of the big retailers in America and it should be available very soon. Apple has denied the rumors that the company is going short of the on-hand stocks it has for the low-priced iPhone.

iPhone 5S - Apple Will Start Selling It at Midnight of September 20

We are all expecting that this iPhone 5C will erupt in its sales demand because of its more affordable price. The internal specifications are fair enough and the relaxing statement of its design is perfect for an average user of the phone.


On the other hand, more people are getting excited about the iPhone 5S. People are starting to decide whether to upgrade or switch to this new phone. Furthermore, there are still a few days for everyone to decide because Apple will start selling the new handset on September 20. The company will start selling it online when it hits midnight. For what reason?  We don’t know and this could probably be a strategy for the company to test if people are still willing to choose an iOS handset than an Android phone.

It will start selling at 12 midnight and it will run throughout the day. At exactly 8AM on the same day, the iPhone 5S will already be visible in retail stores in the whole of America. Everyone can rush to stores from 8AM onwards and get their own iPhone 5S.

Much to our excitement, there are rumors that the company has been facing production problems as well as with the iPhone 5S. It’s rumored that it will run out of stocks after a few months of selling it. However, Apple has disagreed with the report and insists that there are so many handsets for the consumers.

The iPhone 5S will be available in three colors and of three versions. It’ll be released with black, white and gold color options. The 16GB version will have a price tag of $199 then plus a hundred dollars for the 32GB version. The unit with 64GB memory will be sold at $399. The price of the handset will also differ on the contract to be availed from any of the mobile carriers in the country. The plan contracts should range from $650 – $850.

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