Golden colored HTC One spotted in China, is it the new color option?

Heidi Speare September 14, 2013 0
Golden colored HTC One spotted in China, is it the new color option?


Recently, a new version of HTC One was spotted in China. The particular device did not have a different hardware configuration and there were no new features added either, the only thing that’s new was the color – Gold. So if this body panels shown in the images below are legit, then consumers will soon be able to buy a golden colored HTC One.
In March this year, HTC unveiled its next-gen flagship device, the HTC One. At the time of unveiling, the device was launched in two color options – Black and Silver. But very soon, the HTC came up with new color options for the HTC One. HTC launched the HTC One in Ruby Red, a color that was exclusively available for Sprint consumers and also Glamor Red, a color that was only available in the UK.
And just when we though that there were enough color options for the HTC One, the company came up with yet another color. This time it was Vivid Blue and the color option was exclusive to BestBuy. What does all this tell us – there are a number of exclusive HTC One color options and consumers have to agree to or fit into certain conditions if they want to get their hands on any of them.

htc one
Very soon, we might see another new color option added to the HTC One series – Golden. New images have surfaced on the Internet that give us a first look at the golden colored body panels of the HTC One. The images pretty much seem to be the real deal, and given the fact that Apple has come up with a golden color option for the iPhone, HTC would not want to miss out on the color that attracts a number of consumers.
But keep in mind that the company has not made any official announcement about a new color for the HTC One being in the works, so it is better to wait for an update from HTC. The golden iPhone 5S had already been getting a lot of attention, so we believe that the golden HTC One will not be kept in the dark for a long time.
So would you be interested in buying a golden colored HTC One, or would you still prefer any of the previous color options? Let us know in the comments below.

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