It’s Official: Apple’s Siri Software Is Finally Done With Beta

Jaycee De Guzman September 16, 2013 0
It’s Official: Apple’s Siri Software Is Finally Done With Beta


Less than two years ago, the first introduction of Siri in the world was made by Apple. It was just the iPhone4s that was making headlines at that time and Siri was still tagged with the word “beta” in its name. It was an unusual step that Apple took when they released a software that was still being tested but it seems that the technology of Siri required real-world usage first before it can improve. That was exactly what Apple did.

Only recently, however, Apple has updated its Siri page on the internet and removed all references to their prominent software being beta. It seems that the company finally reached a satisfactory stage to take off their training wheels of the said software. Over time, the same company has added a series of functions, including language support, to Siri that made it even more useful than it already was.

It's Official - Apple’s Siri Software Is Finally Done With Beta


Just in time for the release of the iPhone5S with the new iOS 7 operating system and 64-bit processor, the new informational page of Apple for Siri is now free of any mentions of beta in its name. Customers who checks the page regularly will be able to see the update. It says that Siri is available on products starting from iPhone4s to the later versions, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, as well as the 5th generation of iPod touch. Apple added additional information to the said topic but the most noticeable thing was the fact that it didn’t have the word “beta” at all.

It will be on September 18 that the new iOS 7 operating system will be released by Apple. Obviously, now that Siri also got upgraded, customers can expect a more refined experience in using their Apple products. In addition, the said company added more features to Siri which includes a better interface and more natural sound to Siri’s voice. It may still not be available in all languages and areas but, for the first time, there will be an option for users to choose a male or female voice.

Finally, Siri is free of the beta label. Customers can now trust that the said software will have the ability to perform better than its previous version. Those individuals who have been waiting for a long time for the new Apple products will be psyched that their gadgets will come with another bonus deal in the market.

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