The Latest Applications in the Market for iOS and Android

Jaycee De Guzman September 16, 2013 1
The Latest Applications in the Market for iOS and Android


The release of new gadgets in the market also meant the release of new operating systems, hardware and software updates. For both of these, changes like these are relevant in shaping the future of the world of technology. Of course, one of the most important aspects of these changes is the compatibility of the different kinds of applications that customers can use.

One of the most important applications for smartphones and tablets is the one that lets you sync your email address so you can check it whenever and wherever you like. For most people, the default application is the choice but for some, the newer ones are better. EvoMail is an application that lets the user mute emails for a period of time and create threads in conversations. It is available on both Android and iOS for free.

The Latest Applications in the Market for iOS and Android

A few days ago, the latest world-crafting game was released for iOS first before Android. It takes the form of Minecraft but with a different face. The application is Terraria and lets its players create shelters, fight creatures, as well as gather resources. On a side note, the game features 2D visuals for both mobile operating systems. It is available for free on Android while iOS has priced it for $4.99.


Speaking of default applications, Dynamic Keyboard is an application that Android smartphone and tablet users should get instead of using the stock keyboard of their device. It has a killer feature that changes the size of the letters of the alphabet depending on what the user is about to type. It has a dictionary that predicts the word being typed. Both the free and pro version of this application is available only on Android.

Another entertaining game for iOS users called Boom! Tanks is the recently released. It is a game that lets users do battle tanks against other tanks by using real-world looking visuals. It also comes with a lot of upgrades which makes it one of the best iOS tank games. The game is available for free on the said operating system.

Lately, it seems that code masters have been on the verge of making newer and fresher mobile applications. With the release of the new gadgets on the market, this is only appropriate to show the flexibility of both parties in catering their customers. Besides, it seems that applications are still a worldwide trend in the latest technology.

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