Even Microsoft Did Not Have Any Exemption From a Cyber Attack

Sara Cunningham February 24, 2013 0
Even Microsoft Did Not Have Any Exemption From a Cyber Attack

No one will ever know when a hacker or a malware attacks on the internet. Malware is the more popular term for malicious software. It is a software generated by brilliant attackers to disturb a certain system, which is sometimes destroyed by the malware and collects every valuable information. That would include Trojan, viruses and other hacking software.

Cyber-attacks in famous companies like Facebook and Apple Inc. have been reported. But Microsoft is in no exemption to these attacks. Friday, confirmed by Microsoft Corporation, that there has been attacked in a number of their units and it is currently under investigation. Though there have been no reports of its customer data being invaded, it still remains a mystery why a series of suspected malware is happening.

Even Microsoft Did Not Have Any Exemption From a Cyber Attack

Microsoft stated that the same kind of attack took place for Apple Inc. and Facebook. Just recently, Facebook and Apple Inc. reported a cyber-attack that took place after checking a website for software developers. It has been reported that the used computers by the employees were immediately attacked by such malware after logging on to the website.  In this regard, the company remains to gather information and refuses to release a complete public statement.  A short statement was released by Matt Thomlinson. The general manager of Trustworthy Computing Security for Microsoft Corp., and we quote:

“This type of cyber-attack is no surprise to Microsoft and other companies that must grapple with determined and persistent adversaries. “

This formulates a question: How safe can our system be when even large companies are affected? Microsoft is certainly the largest software company in the world. To no surprise, it has been the target of computer malwares or cyber-attacks. It is expected that their investigation will give results and will resolve the issue in no time. This just gives an impression that no one is safe in the area of cyberspace.

It is alarming though those cyber-attacks are getting rampant. When early in February, President of the United States, Barack Obama, released an executive order. It is the order for a strong protection for the country’s unsafe wall for cyber destruction.

We are getting less information from Microsoft as of this time. But surely, the company would be open enough to share the origin of the malware and how to take precautionary measures against it.

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