Sony Bravia Smart Stick Turns Your HTDV to a Smart TV

Jaycee De Guzman September 18, 2013 0
Sony Bravia Smart Stick Turns Your HTDV to a Smart TV


Owners of Sony Bravia HDTVs will be pleased to know that they can now turn their HTDVs into a “Smart TV”. Thanks to the new Sony Bravia Smart Stick. The Google TV device will come in a form of a USB dongle to be connected to the USB port of your Bravia HDTV. Like Google Chromecast, the Bravia Smart Stick also has to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, allowing you to stream free and paid media contents. These include music videos, TV shows, TV series and videos-on-demand and pay-per-views.

Boundless Entertainment

Now, you no longer have to be limited by the available programs hosted by your cable provider. Without even buying a Samsung Smart TV or an actual Google TV, the Bravia Smart Stick gives you access to thousands of video and music contents found on the internet, including the premium ones hosted by private providers. The Sony Bravia Smart Stick also allows you to install Google apps from that you can actually navigate and control using its complementary remote control that features no-brainer buttons and an intuitive touch-pad.

Sony Bravia Smart Stick Turns Your HTDV to a Smart TV


New Remote Control Experience

You probably hate complicated remote controls dotted with buttons you don’t really use. Well, the new Sony Bravia Smart Stick comes with a pairing remote control that is worth getting used to. As quirky as is sounds, the remote control is equipped with a built-in QWERTY keypad that allows you to easily navigate the web—right on your TV screen. You will also smile at the voice control that comes handy when you’re not in the mood for typing.

Loads of Choices and Sources

As of this writing, Chromecast is still adding more premium channels and content sources to its list. However, the Sony Bravia Smart Stick already has an impressive lineup, including Netflix, VUDU, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Video Unlimited and Redbox Instant, among others. Not to mention the thousands of accessible media contents and apps from Google Play alone.

Is It Time to Replace Your TV?

If your Bravia TV belongs to Sony’s 2013 (and later) models, then you’re lucky because all you need to do is buy the Sony Bravia Smart Stick to start enjoying Google TV-like entertainment on your TV screen. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new Bravia HDTV to take advantage of the this brand-new TV experience. Will Sony open the Bravia Smart Stick to non Sony/Bravia HTDVS? That’s something good worth watching out for!

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