Apple Is Requiring Medical Apps to Provide Sources of Information

Jaycee De Guzman September 19, 2013 0
Apple Is Requiring Medical Apps to Provide Sources of Information


The App Store by the Apple company is probably one of the most popular store of applications on the internet. A regular person can visit the App Store every day for a number of times to check on recent applications that they may want to buy depending on their need. On a related note, it is only recently that Apple started giving more attention to the content of the applications that they are selling. Specifically, this applies widely to medical apps and their reliability in providing medical information.

One of the makers of medical applications, iMedicalApps, recently conveyed the news that their information about drug dosages are currently being rejected by the App Store. Apparently, it seems that Apple is being stricter when it comes to these kinds of sensitive information. According to reliable sources, the said company is now starting to take steps in ensuring that data like this and that of a medical knowledge in general should come from valid and credible sources. It can be a step further to maintain the name of the App Store in reliability and credibility. The other developers aside from iMedicalApps have now requested Apple to update the rejected applications that they submitted.

Apple Is Requiring Medical Apps to Provide Sources of Information


On the other hand, in terms of development, this is an interesting news to hear from Apple because it means that the company is concerned about the information that may spread among its customers through its inventions. Specifically, it seems that they are now more careful when it comes to the potential risks that may come from misinformation. What Apple generally wanted by rejecting those previous applications is asking the developers to verify the source and information contained in specific applications. Like medical journals, Apple is now asking for citation. However, it is still not clear whether the company can really double check submitted sources in an accurate manner and maintain credibility.

Medical plagiarism has been an issue in the App Store for a long time and this newly executed strategy of Apple is making legitimate developers hope for the end of it. Besides, most medical app developers also agree that there should be certain rules when combining the internet with medical data. In general, according to experts, this whole idea by the Apple company seems to have the capability of changing the game of inventing new applications as well as improve the use of medical information in the App Store.

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