Apple’s New iPhone 5S Handset Will Be Released in China Too

Jaycee De Guzman September 19, 2013 0
Apple’s New iPhone 5S Handset Will Be Released in China Too


For the first time in history, the Apple company has added China into the list of countries included with a schedule to get custody of the newly introduced iPhone 5S. This September 20, 2013, the new Apple gadget will start selling in China along with other countries including the US, Australia, the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Puerto Rico, as well as Singapore. On a related note, the said company actually allowed a reservation system so that customers who want to have this phone earlier than the scheduled can do online reservation and shopping.

Apple's New iPhone 5S Handset Will Be Released in China Too

Although there is an issue about the gray market in China, according to an owner of a mobile handset store in China, the gray market days may be over for good. The gray market scalpers are the ones that buy new devices in large quantity and sell them at a higher price for customers who immediately want to have the new product. Even experts say that the demand of customers to buy gray market products are likely to drop because Chinese mobile carriers are now able to accept direct pre-orders from their stores.


Apple's New iPhone 5S Handset Will Be Released in China Too

Aside from the fact that China now has a way of acquiring legitimate iPhone 5S, this is not the only reason that the gray market will lose to the original companies. Individuals in China who love gadgets and own a lot of them now prefer to wait for the real thing than pay almost the same price for illegal transaction. So there’s the positive thing in that.

On the other hand, the new iPhone 5S will specifically be offered by China Telecom as well as China Unicom. Chine Mobile, China’s largest carrier, however, is still talking and making decisions with Apple although leak information has already reported that the two companies may or may not reach an agreement. The available mobile carriers also provided contract discounts for customers who prefer to lessen their expenses. The total price of the said gadget may range from 4488 yuan ($733) for iPhone 5C and 5288 yuan ($864) for a 5S. Technically, it seems that Hong Kong offer a better price so if you see it, then take it. The Apple iPhone 5C starts at HK$4,688 ($604) while the 5S’s price is HK$5,588 ($721). Whatever the case may be in China, it is a good thing that Apple is finally releasing products in China because this means a wider range of customers around he world.

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