Box Notes Launched to Battle With Dominant Google Docs

Jaycee De Guzman September 19, 2013 0
Box Notes Launched to Battle With Dominant Google Docs


With the current trend in technology, workers and users are now enabled to make documents and work with their colleagues through the internet. Box is already known to be a reliable cloud-based storage of various contents and a collaboration service platform. The company is now exploring other options and decided to move into applications. The “Box Notes” application will be the company’s document collaboration program that is cloud-based. It will soon be released and is expected to battle with the leading Google Docs application. Instead of doing their traditional work of hosting cloud storage for various contents, Box is now moving towards the creation of and collaboration for documents on the cloud.

Box Notes Launched to Battle With Dominant Google Docs

Box Notes Application for Creating and Collaborating

Box users out there will be able to use the Box Notes application for free. This application will enable teams and organizations to create documents in real-time. They can also apply and collaborate changes to their documents. It has a new feature called “Note Heads”. This feature will enable users to see who’s currently editing the document while also seeing the editing changes in real-time. This will lessen the hassle of refreshing pages and logging in and out of the platform just to see changes in the document. It makes the new application from Box stand out from other cloud-based document creation and collaboration service applications.


What Features Make Box Notes Better Than Others

Jive Software, Google Docs and others are already out there serving cloud-based document creation and collaboration. However, there are some features from Box Notes that will make it stand out from other applications offering the same nature of service. Its security platform is simply one of the best because of Box’s reputation regarding security. Other companies cannot offer healthcare-related document creation and collaboration. With Box’s HIPAA compliance certificate, people can now make and edit their healthcare documents on the cloud. Aside from that, Box is now working on adding different features that will improve the user’s experience of their service.

Box Notes Launched to Battle With Dominant Google Docs

Other Features and Development Efforts for Box Notes

Box Notes application will also have basic features like sharing files, concurrent editing and annotations. A mobile version is also being developed to enable use of the service even outside the workplace. Aside from that, adding video, audio and images will be enabled together with offline editing and version history tool so that users can retrieve their past changes.

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