Despite Uncertain Sales Results, Blackberry Launches the Z30

Jaycee De Guzman September 19, 2013 0
Despite Uncertain Sales Results, Blackberry Launches the Z30


Blackberry has been known to be one of the phone manufacturers who make pretty good QWERTY phones. Through time, Blackberry sales become lower and lower. This is primarily because of the rapid rising of Android phones toppling Blackberry phones running on their own platform. Phone manufacturers shift to making devices run by Android to keep up with sales. Blackberry is still keeping its faith on their own BB OS. Despite its losing sales trend, Blackberry is still not giving up and they are keeping their hopes high with the company’s new smartphone launched – the Z30.

Despite Uncertain Sales Results, Blackberry Launches the Z30

Whopping Screen and More Improved Specs for Z30

Blackberry has now announced its new smartphone – the Z30. It was previously known as A10 during the process of development. The new device will sport a huge screen with a size of five inches, an improved and bigger battery, stereo speakers and the most updated version of BB 10 operating system. It will be the company’s newest flagship phone, a pretty good improvement from the old Q10 and Z10. The Z30 will also have a 1.7GHz processor and better screen resolution with a quad-core graphic card. It will also have longer operating hours. Thanks to its bigger battery with 2,880 mAh capacity that can last up to 25 hours of different usage. The new phone is launched despite uncertain output for its sales. Blackberry is still pursuing its proprietary OS but with improved business strategies according to them.


Despite Uncertain Sales Results, Blackberry Launches the Z30

Blackberry Launch Overshadowed by Dominant Competitors

Despite interesting developments and new features, the Z30 launch did not make a major buzz in the smartphone arena mainly because of the recent launch of new flagship phones from dominant phone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple. The recent launch of Galaxy S4 and new iPhone models really took up much of the spotlight away from the silent Blackberry company. The Z30 launch received pretty good feedback and positive impressions even with a simple and low-key launching but the recent launch from high-profile competitors is just too much for the struggling phone manufacturer. The new smartphone will also be launched at some mobile carriers in the Middle East and the UK starting next week. US and Canada phone carriers will soon announce their respective release dates for the Z30. The new BB 10 update implemented on Z30 will also be available to existing BB OS users this mid-October of 2013.

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