Free Microsoft Windows 8.1: For Existing Windows 8 Users Only

Jaycee De Guzman September 19, 2013 0
Free Microsoft Windows 8.1: For Existing Windows 8 Users Only


Microsoft remains to be strong in offering the Windows 8 upgrade for free to its users. But this offer is only applicable to the existing users of the Windows 8 operating system. The company has long promised that certain upgrades to the operating system will be released not long after the launch of the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Yes it’s true and the company has confirmed that the Microsoft Windows 8.1 will only be free for the users who are already using the Windows 8 system. This report has also been announced by the company when the last operating system was launched. This only means that users who are using the more obsolete operating systems will have to spend more than a hundred dollars just to upgrade straight to the newly revamped operating system.

Free Microsoft Windows 8.1 - For Existing Windows 8 Users Only

The Price Says It all

The big news here is that the Windows 8.1 upgraded operating system will be available for almost $120. The new operating system has a price tag of $119.99 for those who would like to upgrade to it. This price tag will be offered to those using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and all of the other older operating systems.

The new Windows 8.1 does not come with the Windows Media Center software. Those who are currently using the Windows 8.1 operating system will be offered a more affordable price for the said software. The Windows Media Center application will be offered for only $9.99 for those who are already using the latest operating system and would like to purchase the upgrade Windows Media Center along with the upgrade.


At the same time, anyone can upgrade to the soon to be released Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Pack. However, the existing users of the operating system will have to pay $99.99 or a hundred dollars to be able to use the Pro Pack. The non-existing users of the latest operating system will have to purchase the whole pack at a higher price.

It seems like all of the Microsoft Windows users will not be exempted from paying an extra amount just to be able to enjoy the upgraded operating system along with its extended features.

What to Expect From the New Operating System

If you’re currently a Windows 8 system user, then you don’t have to worry about the hassle of reinstalling all of the applications that are already installed in your desktop. However, if you’re a Windows 7, Vista and XP user, you will have to reinstall of the applications back into your desktop.

The installation of the new operating system will remain all of the files in your computer, but will automatically delete all of the existing applications in it. Even the Microsoft Office application will be deleted and you don’t have any choice but to reinstall it.

Free Microsoft Windows 8.1 - For Existing Windows 8 Users Only

However, Microsoft representatives do not encourage Windows XP and Vista users to upgrade to the new operating system. It’s more than possible that the new operating system will not work smoothly with old hardware that are installed in the computer.

Furthermore, we are all hoping that the said high price of the new system will go on sale or at least decrease for a few in the coming months. The Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system is now officially available in stores and online purchasing.

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