HTC Desire 601 Phone Specifications and Hands-On Review

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The new Desire 601 that was introduced recently is the first of HTC’s Android smartphones phones that featured LTE connectivity. Preceded by the HTC One Desire 500, this new mid-range gadget is expected to exhibit similar features of HTC One as well as HTC One Mini. It is set to go up against competing products which includes the like of Nokia Lumia 625. In addition, another similar device called the Desire 300 was also introduced although HTC did not specifically announce the exact release date of its future products.

HTC Desire 601 Phone Specifications and Hands-On Review

In terms of the features of the gadget, Desire 601 will sport the Blinkfeed homepage which was first introduced through HTC One.  It will include the dual front speakers and also have the ability to capture Zoe. For familiarization purposes, Zoe is the term that HTC used in referring to a series of camera stills and short video that can be taken both at the same time. Physically, the new gadget will come in different colors of black, white and red. It has a defined smooth finish which can be comfortable to hold for customers without the risk of it being too slippery.


The basic specifications of HTC Desire 601 will include a 4.5 inches of screen size which highlights clarity and illumination in executing usual smartphone tasks such as texting a message or surfing the internet. It will also sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor at 1.4GHz while the storage sizes will include 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. For customers who likes to have more space for their smartphones, the mid-range product has a MicroSD memory card slot which can be used for another 64GB of storage size. There will also be cameras both at the front and the back of the said gadget. The former will feature a basic VGA while the latter will have a 5MP sensor.

HTC Desire 601 Phone Specifications and Hands-On Review

All in all, the Desire 601 may have lesser high-end features than HTC One and One Mini but this does not mean that it will not be able to cater customers’ needs when it comes to having the recent trends in technology. This made the experts assume that this will have a less expensive price because it targets a wider range of customers who may not afford to buy high-end smartphones. Take note that it will have an LTE-ready connectivity which means that this can be a serious candidate in the category of mid-range gadgets in the market.

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