Apple to offer compatible version of apps for users with older iOS devices

Xavier Kade September 19, 2013 0
Apple to offer compatible version of apps for users with older iOS devices

Apple has recently released the its newest mobile operating system, the Apple iOS 7. But this does not mean that the company has forgotten its consumers who are using older versions of iOS devices. So even though older iOS devices cannot be upgraded to iOS 7, Apple has come up with a solution that will benefit a wide number of consumers.
So if you happen to be a consumer using one of the latest iOS devices like the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini etc., then you can go ahead and update to iOS 7. But if you are using any of the older devices and won’t be able to update to iOS 7, then you don’t have to worry about not being able to download and use new apps.
The reason is because Apple has come up with a way to help you out. Whenever you try to download an iOS app that won’t run on your device due to the older version of iOS, then you will automatically be offered the last compatible version of that particular app. So even though consumers might not be able to use the latest version, they will definitely get a taste of the app.

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And the best part is that this functionality will work automatically. So next time, when you try to download and app that is not compatible with your current iOS version, you will automatically be offered a version that is compatible with your device. But of course, consumers will always have an option to choose whether they want to get the app or not. Consumers will be asked whether they want to download the last compatible version, and on agreeing to do so, the app will be downloaded.
We are not sure about how flexible this new feature will be, but we look forward to some good service from Apple. It is being said that the service might even offer version of apps that are as old as one year. This feature will definitely be helpful for many consumers but at the same time might disappoint consumers every now and then.
So if you happen to be a consumer using an older iOS device, then what would you prefer to do? Check out older versions of iOS apps or move on to one of the newer iOS devices, let us know in the comments below.

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