Microsoft Releases Fix for Internet Explorer Attacks

Jaycee De Guzman September 20, 2013 0
Microsoft Releases Fix for Internet Explorer Attacks


Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) is known to be one of the most used and oldest internet browsers from the operating system company. Although a lot of new browser competitors like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, Internet Explorer is still a major application for Microsoft. Recently, hackers were able to exploit a security flaw from the said web browser. An indefinite number of Internet Explorer users have been attacked because of this incident. However, Microsoft quickly released a software fix to immediately cure the problem caused by hackers and prevent more attacks to its valued users.

Microsoft Releases Fix for Internet Explorer Attacks

‘Fix It’ to Prevent Further Attacks From Security Flaw

According to the OS company’s website, they have already released a software fix called ‘Fix It’ as a preventive measure for future attacks regarding the web browsers security flaws. Web experts also warn Internet Explorer users to temporarily stop using the web browser until Microsoft releases an update of IE or just quickly install the software fix. The IE update will be automatically available and installed with Microsoft Windows’ update software. Software fixes are just temporary solutions and an update must be made in order to make sure that attackers will not be able to exploit the same bug again. “Fix It” software is only designed to protect users while the company is still preparing a major update for the application.


Microsoft Releases Fix for Internet Explorer Attacks

Hackers Are Now More Powerful and Careful in Doing Crime

Unluckily, hackers are now more sophisticated and careful in doing their thing. They usually target few and selected but high-value users in order to make security flaws discreet. This will enable them to repeatedly use the same bug in doing cybercrimes. Once the bug has been widely announced, hackers can make use of the software fix to re-engineer and create viruses that can exploit the same flaws. In addition to that, some hacking groups that are state-sponsored are more than willing to shell out eve thousands of cash just to exploit vulnerabilities of famous and widely-used applications such as the Internet Explorer. This will make more hackers to work harder to find bugs and flaws of known applications and spread computer viruses that will enable cybercrimes such as identity theft. More experienced and dedicated hackers will be able to create another virus from the same security bug if Microsoft will not release an update of IE at the soonest possible time.

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