Possible Android Exodus Become Evident With Yahoo’s New Engineer

Jaycee De Guzman September 20, 2013 0
Possible Android Exodus Become Evident With Yahoo’s New Engineer


Through the years, Google’s Android has become one of the top mobile operating systems in the planet. It even dethroned the once-dominant Nokia Symbian OS and toppled Apple’s iOS. We witnessed how Android changed the gameplay of the mobile OS arena. Mobile operating systems were exclusive to their smartphone brands before but because of Android, one OS can now serve more than one brand of device. It made smartphones more flexible as it can now accommodate thousands of applications which help further in enhancing the mobile computing experience of its million users around the globe.

Possible Android Exodus Become Evident With Yahoo’s New Engineer


Android Maintains Dominance but Workers Fly to Other Companies

Although Google’s Android has become the top OS for mobile devices, its workers are starting to migrate to other outfits. Recently, Yahoo had its new acquisition for their senior principal engineer position concerned on mobile apps development. The new senior principal engineer is Jean-Baptiste Queru. Surprisingly, Queru is a former technical lead of the Android Open Source Project. On his Twitter account, Queru announced that he is formally joining Yaho after leaving Google’s Android. He was considered as one of the high-profile Google employees and an Android Open Source Project guru. The public idea of him leaving Google started in August as he complained about being blamed for a problem he did not have “authority to fix”. According to him, he already warned their company about the blooming problem six months before but they did not listen to his ideas. Queru had been with Google Android for six years as a software engineer. He is the third employee to leave Android in just a year.

Possible Android Exodus Become Evident With Yahoo’s New Engineer

Other Employees Who Left the Famous Mobile OS

Queru is already the third worker who left Android in just a span of several months. Two high-profile division employees have already led the possible exodus. In March of this year, its co-founder, Andy Rubin abandoned Android but not Google. However, he was substituted by Chrome head Sundar Pichai. The vice president for product management of Android also left the company last August to transfer to a Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi despite being one of the rising Google figures. The departure of these three big names from Android is just an indicator that there is something going wrong inside the famous mobile OS division. They need to settle things down in order to maintain their dominance in the game.

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