Ricoh Theta: Taking 360-Degree Camera Scene in One Shot

Jaycee De Guzman September 20, 2013 1
Ricoh Theta: Taking 360-Degree Camera Scene in One Shot


The Ricoh Theta is the world’s first imaging device produced in a mass quantity that can capture a full spherical image with only one shot. Through the two 180-degree lenses put on either side, the device will capture two separate scenes and stitch the two photos together to create a 360-degree image. In terms of capturing the shots, the camera can produce a photo that can also enable the users to navigate and play around with different views.

There were two designs for the said gadget but since the first one was less appreciated, the second was retained. Now, Ricoh Theta is sporting a white a 129 x 42 mm x 22.8mm sized unit that is easy for users to hold and keep in a pocket. On each side are the two 180-degree camera lenses which can reach up to more than 200 shots before draining the USB-charged lithium ion battery of the product. It also only weighs 95g exclusive of its own special zip-up case.

Ricoh Theta -  Taking 360-Degree Camera Scene in One Shot

According to the Japanese brand, Ricoh Theta has a shooting distance of 10m and beyond as well as an automatically set ISO that ranges from 100-1600. It has an internal memory of 4GB which means that the camera is capable of storing around 1,200 files of images. However, since there is no screen on the gadget, users are required to download the Theta application for iPhone or iPod. The Theta has a built in Wi-Fi and so users can team up both devices, use their mobile phones as a remote for taking photos and immediately transfer photos.


When it comes to picture quality, the stitching of the two 180-degree images only left a small blind spot which users can only see if they’re holding the device while taking photos. For better results, use a tripod. Visually, photos taken on a bright room and sunny outdoors looked pretty good. The problem seems to appear when the device is used in a more overcast day.

Ricoh Theta -  Taking 360-Degree Camera Scene in One Shot

Sharing photos using Ricoh Theta is also easy. From smartphones, images can immediately be uploaded on social networking websites. Other than the Theta mobile application, users can also transfer photos and use a desktop application. They can have the same options to explore their images although it may take a softer quality compared to the original one. The Theta application is compatible with specific Apple products and the Android version is expected be unveiled before 2013 ends.

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