The Introduction of Dell’s Inspiron 11 Touchscreen Laptop

Jaycee De Guzman September 20, 2013 0
The Introduction of Dell’s Inspiron 11 Touchscreen Laptop


As Dell re-shapes its marketing strategies by creating new names and models for its laptop lineup, the company just introduced a new 11.6-inch touchscreen laptop called Inspiron 11. The selling price will start at $349 and will range even higher depending on the company’s choice of processors. The said starting price will have Advanced Micro Devices processors while the model with Intel processors will sell at $379.

Basically, the Inspiron 11 will have a battery that can run and stay alive up to eight hours even with only a single battery charge. It will also sport a Windows 8.1 operating system and Microsoft Office as its basic program. Customers who prefer using touch can also buy ultra portable processors if they want to. Unfortunately, Dell will not be offering Windows 7 as an option for those who want it with their newly-introduced Inspiron 11.

The Introduction of Dell's Inspiron 11 Touchscreen Laptop

On the other hand, the new Dell touchscreen laptop currently has a screen size that can range from 13.3 inches and even larger. It will have the popular Gorilla Glass for screen ruggedness, regular USB 3.0 ports, a webcam and even an HDMI port for external devices. This will be the new face of Dell in their process of remaking their old laptop products.


Speaking of which, the said company is also recreating old Inspiron models and launching new model names for easier identification. On Tuesday, Dell introduced the Inspiron 7000 series which when released will be available in 14, 15.6 and 17 inches of screen sizes. It will have a price range of $699 to $1099 depending on the screen size. This new series name, according to Dell, is reserved for high-end laptops to replace the older versions of Inspiron 13z, 14z and 15z. Furthermore, the 7000 laptops will be configured using Intel’s fourth generation processors, code-named Haswell, which will enable the touchscreen feature as default. This includes a battery life that can reach 11 hours.

The Introduction of Dell's Inspiron 11 Touchscreen Laptop

It seems that Dell is full of new devices and gadgets to unveil. On October 2, 2013, the company will also introduce their own Windows 8.1 tablet which they called Venue. After undergoing a recent buy-out, which created concerns in the internal management of Dell, the company is strong in committing that its main goal right now is to expand its enterprise. Although a specific date was not added, the new Inspiron 11 will also be shipped soon on a worldwide level.

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