Blackberry plans to say goodbye to 40 percent employees, time to tidy up

Heidi Speare September 20, 2013 0
Blackberry plans to say goodbye to 40 percent employees, time to tidy up


A recent report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that Blackberry might have plans to cut down up to 40 percent of its employees. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has been going through a difficult time in spite having done everything it could by launching the Blackberry 10 operating system and a new range of smartphones.
This news won’t come as a surprise to a majority of readers because we all know how Blackberry has been performing lately. Just a few weeks ago, there were reports saying that the company might be up for sale. We are not sure about the current situation with respect to the selling of the company (Blackberry’s patent portfolio was apprized to be at $2-3 billion), but it is almost certain that a large number of employees will soon have to say goodbye to the company.

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The Wall Street Journal report says that the layoff might be as high as 40 percent, clearly indicating that the company might be in big trouble. The layoffs are expected to occur in waves and will include employees from almost every sector. The decision might be made by the end of the year, so it’s not that far either.
By the way, this is not the first time that Blackberry had to cut down on employees. Last year the company bid goodbye to 5,000 employees and this year the number is just expected to increase, may be by a very large multiple as already suggested by WSJ. Currently, Blackberry has about 12,700 employees and this number is expected to reduce very soon.
But is this the right way of doing things? Do you think that cutting down on employees will make any difference to the ‘growth and performance’ of the company? We think that Blackberry needs to come up with much better products and attract new consumers to come and adopt the Blackberry 10 platform. Cutting down on staff is a decision that has to be taken, but coming up with better smartphones is a decision that will ultimately save the company.
Blackberry has recently unveiled its new flagship device, the Blackberry Z30. The device can be considered more of an improvement to the previous flagship device, the Blackberry Z10. We do not judge smartphones on their hardware specifications, but we won’t say the same about all our readers and smartphone consumers. There are a couple of features that consumers want to have in their smartphones even if they might not seem to be important from the company’s point of view. These include a large display, 1080p full HD resolution, 13MP camera, quad-core processor and more.

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