Wren V5AP AirPlay: A New Innovation in Audio Technology

Jaycee De Guzman September 20, 2013 0
Wren V5AP AirPlay: A New Innovation in Audio Technology


It is not every day that we see a small company go up against the big names in technology when it comes to inventing and innovating gadgets that are currently on trend. At the start of September 2013, Wren, a small company based in the United States, released its first ever V5 speaker available in AirPlay, Play-Fi for Android gadgets and still to be launched Bluetooth formats. Before, the said company tested the same kind of product of Apple gadgets which includes the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Wren V5AP AirPlay - A New Innovation in Audio Technology

The first thing that can be noticed from the new V5AP AirPlay is that it did not have the usual white or black colors as covers. For once, a gadget company used natural textures by sporting wooden designs wherein customers can choose either a Rosewood or Bamboo body. On a small of part of the speaker, a metal front is used to display the four buttons letting the customer turn the speaker on and off, adjust volume, as well as change input source. On the other hand, it also comes with a remote control which enables customers to use AirPlay in playing, pausing and even skipping tracks.


The V5AP AirPlay also has the ability of connecting via Wi-Fi and this feature can let the user play audio from their iPhones, iPads or MacBooks. At the back of the gadget is where the power socket, USB cable and external input can be found. Setting up the AirPlay specifically with iPhone 5 only took less than a minute wherein the AirPlay worked perfectly within the router range. The problem seems to arrive at the edge of the wireless connection range but curiously enough, the problem was temporarily solved when iPhone 5 was replaced by MacBook Air. Of course, even at these times, Wi-Fi problems are normal to any gadget but it-is still important to take note when looking for router-dependent speakers.

Wren V5AP AirPlay - A New Innovation in Audio Technology

Physically, the Wren V5AP is made with a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) dampener surrounding the frame and thick silicon at the bottom. It helps stabilize the audio being produced as well as reduce cabinet resonance. Hence, the result is an incredible quality of sound with warm bass tone richness. Adding the 19mm dome tweeters, the speakers are also able to maintain and balance the sound with a defined range. Obviously, this product is a rare addition to the recent trends in gadgets. Currently, it sells at £255.

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