Samsung Orb’s 360-Degree Camera to Be Featured in Samsung Galaxy S4

Sara Cunningham February 24, 2013 0
Samsung Orb’s 360-Degree Camera to Be Featured in Samsung Galaxy S4

A lot of people have been speculating as to when will the Samsung Galaxy S4 going to be available in the market. It is expected to have a higher demand than the Samsung Galaxy S3 that reached millions of users up to this time. Many questions will still be kept hanging until this precious device will be released. It is said to be visible to the public eye by March 14, which remains a speculation though. But no matter when it will be, rest assured it would be very soon.

Samsung Orb’s 360-Degree Camera to Be Featured in Samsung Galaxy S4

Every single day in the gadget world, rumors of additional features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 grow. An avid Samsung Galaxy fanatic would be dying to know the type of Android software it will carry. Its camera specifications and its memory storage are other key factors believed to be searched on the internet. So much for that, every day will always be a surprise. Suppose the device carries Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and built in Samsung Orb, is that a big deal?

Rumors have been speculating that Samsung Galaxy S4 will carry Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the version of Jelly bean that is reviewed to be much faster. It is expected to give users an extraordinary convenience in using Android. It has been said that it is the most advanced of its series, making transitions faster. Also promises no lags in images, won’t make swiping a hassle. But the craze is what the camera has to offer in this version. It is said to have its version of the Photo Sphere feature, which any Android phone lover will die to have. The Photo Sphere feature is exclusively available in Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

It’s called the Samsung Orb, a feature that is rumored to be included in the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S4. It allows you to take a 360-degree shot with no sweat and enjoy the entire view. Samsung is said to guide its consumers in using the Samsung Orb in the coming days after the launch of the latest Galaxy phone. No doubt, Samsung is now the leading brand of Android device in Asia. Soon enough, it will invade other parts of the world. It continues to bring the world to a new level of technology, making its way to stardom.

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