BlackBerry Messenger Is Now Available for iOS and Android

Jaycee De Guzman September 21, 2013 0
BlackBerry Messenger Is Now Available for iOS and Android


BlackBerry Messenger, more popularly known as BBM, is the exclusive instant messaging application of BlackBerry gadgets and devices. Before, this is only available in the mentioned brand’s line of smartphones. But now, users of iOS as well as Android can use BBM on their own mobile phones. It will be in the App Store and Google Play and can be downloaded for free. By visiting the BBM website, customers can also download the said application directly from their internet browser.

BlackBerry Messenger Is Now Available for iOS and Android

The way it works is that BBM is always running in the background while it delivers messages to and from BBM users. It has its own thread list for conversations where messages are recorded. It also uses a PIN to secure these kinds of information as well as the contact list. According to the company, the instant messaging application is engaging, easy to use, and fast-paced which is what most people usually need when it comes to mobile communication. Furthermore, BBM users can now multitask by being able to do one-on-one as well as group text or chat. The Messenger also lets their users share files and send messages easily to their entire contacts through the Broadcast Message.


On the other hand, the circulating rumor is that BlackBerry is using BBM in considering a new messaging service and creating a new company. Although it might encounter the big names in the business, the spin-off may allow for an independent business for the company. Once the BBM application became officially available in the market, it will rival against other instant messaging service which includes Skype and WhatsApp. In the United Kingdom, smartphones owned by BlackBerry dropped in the market share because of varied competition. There have been a lot of Android, iOS and Windows Phone innovations that happened recently and this affected BlackBerry sales. Recently, the company even put itself up for sale in the hopes of turning their current situation around.

BlackBerry Messenger Is Now Available for iOS and Android

Starting on September 21, 2013, this instant messaging application will be available for smartphones that are running on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean Android operating systems. On the next day, September 22, Apple will have its turn in having the BBM available for iPhones with iOS 6 as well as 7. Free to download, this application might be an influencing factor even though small in the future of BlackBerry and its plans to regain the peak that it once had.

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