Cyanogen Mod: The Next Most Popular Mobile Device OS?

Jaycee De Guzman September 21, 2013 0
Cyanogen Mod: The Next Most Popular Mobile Device OS?


The race between Android and iOS has become tighter and tighter. Android will soon release a new version to be called “Kitkat” while Apple has just released its much-awaited iOS 7. While Android phones and tablets have already outnumbered iOS run devices, the iPhone company is still keeping its hopes high in regaining the top spot. These two mobile device operating systems have become the two most used phone and tablet platforms on the planet. Several companies also tried to venture on beating these two OS giants to have a share of the spotlight but failed.

Emerging Android Variant Might Be the Third OS Titan

Microsoft has tried to grab a share of the mobile device OS market with its acquisition of Nokia’s phone hardware enterprise. However, an emerging variant of Android seems to be the next big thing in the mobile device OS race. Cyanogen Mod, an Android ROM project is starting to make its name and is currently gaining significant user share on the mobile OS arena. The team running the said Android variant said that it has rough estimate of eight million users around the globe. These numbers are still counting rapidly as of today.

Cyanogen Mod -The Next Most Popular Mobile Device OS


Fed Up Users Shift to Cyanogen Mod for New Flavors

Android users who are already tired of seeing canned features from the standard Google mobile OS usually shift out to Cyanogen Mod. Installing Cyanogen Mod to the users’ devices will make them able to improve the speed, personalize features and add security enhancements. A new taste of mobile computing interface is being introduced by this emerging direct-to-consumer platform completely different from those corporate operating systems offered by Google and Apple. It a kind of platform that will satisfy the needs of experimental and curious users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Cyanogen Mod -The Next Most Popular Mobile Device OS

More Funding Helps Developers Improve Cyanogen Mod

Up to now, installing the platform on a smartphone or tablet would be a painful process. It can take a couple hours just to install Cyanogen Mod. However, recent funding causes will surely help the developers make a simple way of installing the said OS. Recently, the team developing Cyanogen Mod received a $7 million funding from Benchmark Capital. According to its developers, the funding will be very useful in making an installer that will make the lives of phone and tablet users easier and more convenient.

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