Facebook Upgrades Mobile Application Along With iOS 7 Release

Jaycee De Guzman September 21, 2013 1
Facebook Upgrades Mobile Application Along With iOS 7 Release


It didn’t take too long before developers of different kind of applications started to make their own updates in accordance with the new iOS7 operating system. One of the most popular on the App Store is the Facebook application. It is where Facebook users virtually interact and do social networking even without their laptops and computers. And not too long after Apple made its public release, Facebook also announced that it will be upgrading its own application as well.

The general characteristic of the new application is that Facebook improved it to have the same level of aesthetics, easy and practical navigation as of the new Apple operating system. Merely less than 24 hours after the iOS7 was released, there were already 35% of additional updates that the previous iOS6 gadget owners did to improve their mobile handsets. This means that the popularity of this operating system can even grow larger and so are the applications that go with it. According to Facebook, their newly updated app is better and more intuitive for its users.

Facebook Upgrades Mobile Application Along With iOS 7 Release


The only way to prove Facebook’s claims is by testing. According to the experts who tried the product for hands-on experience and review, there are new features that avid Facebook users should know about. First, by tapping the bottom of the screen of the smartphone, users can switch between tabs which includes the notification, News Feed, friend requests and messages. While on the right side of the screen, users can browse the timeline of Facebook users, groups, as well as events. On the other hand, at the top of the application is a translucent bar which changes as the user scrolls posts after posts. And when a story is tapped for a full reading, swiping the screen from left to right can work if users want to get back to viewing the News Feed.

Facebook Upgrades Mobile Application Along With iOS 7 Release

This latest version of the Facebook application is now available for download at the App Store. Obviously, the said company prepared themselves in the release of one of the most awaited products of the year – iPhone 5S and iOS7. The new version modeled easier access, faster performance and user-friendly updates which suit users who want a new face in one of their most used applications. Furthermore, this is another way for Facebook to promote itself as a basic tool in spreading the word and awareness among the citizens of the world.

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