GameCase First Game Controller for iOS 7 Mobile Platform

Jaycee De Guzman September 21, 2013 0
GameCase First Game Controller for iOS 7 Mobile Platform


The newly-released iOS 7 platform for Apple devices is a huge hit for the known smartphone and tablet company. Millions of existing users quickly updated their Apple devices with the newest platform version few moments after it was officially released. According to the Cupertino Company, their new iOS 7 will now support peripheral game controllers via Bluetooth. Established game controller manufacturers such as PowerA and Logitech are still deciding on whether or not they will make independent game controllers to be attached or slide upon with the iPhone or the iPad. However, it seems like one company has already decided to take the lead in manufacturing one. Game console fanatics will now able to play and experience the same feel with iOS devices because of this upcoming game controller. They will now enjoy games available on the Apple app store just like how they play with their favorite game consoles.

GameCase - First Game Controller for iOS 7 Mobile Platform

ClamCase Announces First Game Controller for iOS 7 Ahead of Others

With the other companies still uncertain about their respective designs of game controllers for iOS devices, ClamCase has already announced the industry’s first game controller for iPad and iPhone. The company has been already known to manufacture external keyboard units for the iPad. The newly-unveiled game controller will be called GameCase, a Bluetooth device which will be expected to have its own battery to provide a reliable power supply. In an image released by ClamCase, the iOS game controller will have a directional pad, a dual analog stick support and four buttons located below the device which are still yet to be determined. It has also two rubberized grips for better control and hold. The device will look like a giant game console controller like those for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One when the iOS device is attached. This will make conventional console gamers feel the same grip with the iOS game controller.


GameCase - First Game Controller for iOS 7 Mobile Platform

ClamCase Game Controller Image Leaked for iPad Mini Only

The ClamCase company also committed to work on game controllers for iPhone 4S and later models. However, there are still no images leaked to let us know about how the device will look like. Instead, images leaked appear to be designed for the iPad Mini only. Also, there are no images leaked for iPad. The company has already confirmed the launching of GameCase. However, ClamCase is still figuring when the anticipated game controller will hit the market.

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