Former Nintendo President and Gaming Legend Dies at 85

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Former Nintendo President and Gaming Legend Dies at 85


Nintendo is regarded as one for the pioneers and titans of computer and video gaming. The corporation has contributed remarkable developments when it comes to the gaming scene. It was one of the pillars of video games which eventually developed into what we have nowadays. It also created those timeless game characters that made a deep mark into every child’s memory. However, one of the company’s iconic personalities died at the age of 85. Former Nintendo president, Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away due to pneumonia as confirmed by the gaming company in Japan.

Transforming the Simple Company to a Gaming Giant

Before Nintendo become one of the pioneers of video games that eventually led the development of advanced gaming consoles, the company was first a small collectible cards company catering to the needs of kids and teens fond of playing cards. He was put into the company’s top post in 1949 after his grandfather suffered a severe stroke. He then developed a lot of changes for the company. After several years, the brave Yamauchi decided to maneuver the company in the electronic entertainment business. The video game brand Yamauchi developed has already become one of the most popular and iconic companies in the digital gaming market

Former Nintendo President and Gaming Legend Dies at 85


Careful and Deep Understanding of the Game

Yamauchi led the Nintendo company from 1949 to 2002. The former simple card trading company has turned into a huge video gaming empire. This is probably because of his dedication to provide better entertainment to everyone who needs it. His visions led him to success in electronic gaming. People around him saw how he valued games’ social importance. He also knew that electronic gaming is the future of entertainment during his time. He was dedicated to improve and develop Nintendo to make its own name in the electronic gaming industry while being distracted by his closest rivals.

Former Nintendo President and Gaming Legend Dies at 85

Notable Nintendo Icons Courtesy of Yamauchi

Yamauchi envisioned about penetrating the US arcade game arena during his first years in Nintendo. He contracted legendary game designers such as Shigeru Miyamoto to create the hit game Donkey Kong. It made the company grab some of the limelight in US. Eventually, with the proper planning and developments, Nintendo made more famous game icons such as Starfox, Super Mario and Legend of Zelda. His vision to develop more gaming technologies was also left in the company after he retired in 2005.

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