Apple iOS 7 has a lockscreen issue, here’s how you can bypass it

Heidi Speare September 21, 2013 0
Apple iOS 7 has a lockscreen issue, here’s how you can bypass it


Apple recently rolled out one of the biggest updates to its mobile operating system, Apple iOS 7. This latest update has come with a number of changes, major changes to be more specific and has been getting mixed responses from consumers. But it so happens that Apple’s iOS 7 is also filled with bugs, at least one for now – lockscreen bypass.
Yes, apart from checking out the new design and icons in iOS 7, we have something else that consumers can try out. You might not be happy to know about it, but you can still give it a try. A major bug has been found in Apple iOS 7 and this might be used by developers to exploit the system. The issue is that iOS 7 allows consumers to bypass the device passcode screen using the newly added control center feature.

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Apple definitely did not design the control center to lose control over the system (center), but somehow this is exactly what has happened. Apple must be wondering how this happened; the company already knows that ‘something somewhere went terribly wrong.’ But it’s too late because the software update is out and a very high number of consumers have already downloaded it. This very exploit could be used be hackers and developers to jailbreak the operating system making way for a lot of interesting news and updates for consumers.
Since the time this exploit has been discovered, a number of users have tried it out and confirmed the same. So if you are interested in trying it out yourself, we have the procedure here for you followed by a video that actually gives us a demo of the same.

Here’s how you make it work:
First of all, you need to have a locked iOS device. Now simply swipe up from the lockscreen and you will be able to access the new control center feature. Once there, open the alarm clock and then hold the power/lock button for some time in order to get the ‘Slide to power off’ option. But when you get the option, hit cancel instead of turning off your device. Now you can double tap the home button and get access to the device’s multitasking screen. This means that you can access a number of apps including camera, photos as well as check out emails and social networking sites with the account that has been used during the sign-in process.

And just in case you want a live demo, check out this video:

So there you have it – Apple iOS 7 is not safe right from the start. And this is not the only vulnerability that has been reported by users. In another case, it has been reported that the phone’s ‘Find my iPhone’ feature can also be disabled when the device is locked. This can be done by disabling the location feature by activating airplane mode through the Siri virtual assistant, which is accessible through the lockscreen. This also means that people with bad intentions might very easily be able to get away with your devices and the feature that allowed you to rest assured about safety will not be able to do anything for you.
By the way, we don’t just want to put forward the problems found in Apple iOS 7. We also want our consumers to know about the ways in which these vulnerabilities can be controlled. So if you have already upgraded to iOS 7, you should block access to the control center from your lockscreen. You can disable the access from the Settings menu.

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