$100 Discount on Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs Confirmed at Best Buy

Sara Cunningham February 24, 2013 0

Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs are on sale at Best Buy. Starting Sunday, a two-week sale will give buyers a $100 discount each. Best Buy hasn’t confirmed yet as to which products are intended for the sale. Apparently, only the touchscreen PCs are said to be on sale. Other products like the tablets and Surface Pro edition will not be a part the list. According to Wall Street Jump, discounted products will only be desktops and laptops that are touch screen. Verge also says that the sale will only be until March 7 in stores.

Windows 8 Microsoft PCs are an innovation made by Microsoft and Intel. It is the leading brand of chips in the world. They have been constantly releasing different models of competitive tablets, and touch screen laptops. Tablets, in this time of modern technology, are already considered a necessity for every single person in the world. Microsoft and Intel deserve a credit for that.

$100 Discount on Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs Confirmed at Best Buy

Computer evolution has gotten out of hand in the past few years. We used to know laptops, then now tablets and touchscreen PCs. It is very fascinating to know that with the help of Microsoft and Intel, every future dream has come to reality. We used to watch movies with futuristic gadgets, but for us now, it is no longer our future – it is our “today.”

It is surprising to know that the Windows 8 Microsoft PCs are on sale at Best Buy while other brands are in the hype of raising the rates. One reason may be is to encourage customers that there is still a high quality touchscreen PC at a lower rate. At this point in time, touchscreen PCs are soaring in high prices which is really hard on the budget. According to Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Microsoft has made a study that consumers enjoy the touch screen PCs a lot more, but can’t afford it.

This is such a good move for Best Buy to put the Windows 8 Microsoft PCs on sale, to give consumers a chance to grab one without hitting the pocket too much. Best buy is a physical retail store that sells electronic gadgets. It has branches in other parts of America. There is one in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and even China. It always offers a good deal to its customers.

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