Google Now Venturing on Healthcare Aiming to Extend Human Life

Jaycee De Guzman September 21, 2013 0
Google Now Venturing on Healthcare Aiming to Extend Human Life


Google is well-known to invest in some uncommon ventures that hopefully will result to unexpected revolutionary contributions. Some companies are also known to invest in different ways to discover life on other heavenly bodies. The tech giant is constantly searching for ways to improve lives of people with the use of technology. Aside from different devices and software they develop to help everyday living easy and convenient, the company is now planning to invest in studies and technologies on prolonging life span for humans. They are positively looking forward in searching and developing such technologies that will fight aging and various diseases that usually cause death to people.

Google Now Venturing on Healthcare Aiming to Extend Human Life

Trending Corporate Investment Nowadays: Fountain of Youth

Google is not the only company investing in ways to find the fountain of health and youth. A lot of companies in the Silicon Valley are already into the quest for prolonging lives of people. The company’s main objective is to find remedies for various illnesses and postponed aging in humans. Aside from their numerous developments and contribution to the IT industry, Google really thinks that they can be successful in investing healthcare solutions and breakthrough discoveries that will make people’s lives longer and disease-free.


Project Heads From Renowned Healthcare Outfits

The Google healthcare project will be named California Life Co. or Calico. It will be headed by biotech pillar Arthur Levinson. He is currently the chairman of the board of Genentech Inc. He will be under the supervision of Google’s Larry Page, the company’s Chief Executive Officer and a well-known health advocate and Calico supporter. To make the project more competent, more people expert on healthcare and research are hired. The Google company is already in full-swing to start and fund the project. They are optimistic about Levinson’s track record in biotechnology field and they are expecting him to yield same successful results for their project.

Google Now Venturing on Healthcare Aiming to Extend Human Life

A Lot of Things to Set Up to Fast Track Project

According to analysts, the Google healthcare project should be given a positive start to make it roll smoothly. A lot of researches have already tried sculpting data needed for the same project nature but failed. The project’s goal is very important to people so they will surely keep an eye on it. However, analysts are also positive about the project of Google since it will be headed by geniuses and smart business individuals.

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