Apple’s iPhone 5 Has Better Touch Screen Features Than Android

Jaycee De Guzman September 22, 2013 0
Apple’s iPhone 5 Has Better Touch Screen Features Than Android


Apple’s iPhone 5 is the predecessor of the new gadgets which are the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Owners of such handsets have been worrying for a period of time now that their old mobile phones may become obsolete because of the new iPhone debuts. However, a new test has revealed that iPhone 5 may still be better than Android when it comes to speed performance.

Agawi, a company which develops applications and game streaming, conducted an experiment about the level of responsiveness that iPhone 5 has against old models of Android smartphones. The touch screen feature is the main focus of this test and it turned out that the sixth generation Apple mobile phone is still twice as fast compared to the Android devices. The specific results are captured by cameras operating at the maximum 240fps and produced with Touchscope which measured response time. This lets iPhone 5 users calm down a little bit from their worries.

Apple's iPhone 5 Has Better Touch Screen Features Than Android


On the other hand, specific Android devices that were used in the study included Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 92, and Motorola Moto X. Agawi representatives who did the research said that they tested each of the devices at least 50 times. Among the Android smartphones, however, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 did the best performance while Motorola Moto X had the slowest touchscreen response time. After the said test, Agawi also released the raw result numbers. The iPhone 5 had a minimum response time of 55 milliseconds while iPhone 4 performed in 85 milliseconds. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had 114 milliseconds of response application time. However, even though the numbers showed impressive quality, the test report did not necessarily mention the reasons behind why a specific smartphone performed better than the other.

Apple's iPhone 5 Has Better Touch Screen Features Than Android

Regardless, Agawi released a statement on their website that Apple may have touchscreen features which are more optimized than other devices. It has hardware choices that may have more sensitive calibration specifically designed for capturing and processing touch. Hence, making its touch screen features still better than Android devices. However, there is a catch that people noticed which is the fact that the said company who did the test did not include Google’s Nexus 4. Whether this is relevant or not, the important thing is that a credible company was able to prove that old versions of the iPhone still has the ability in competing against top Android gadgets.

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