BlackBerry Messenger for Android Will Have Delayed Release

Jaycee De Guzman September 22, 2013 0
BlackBerry Messenger for Android Will Have Delayed Release


On September 21, the BlackBerry company was expected to release BlackBerry Messenger, popularly known to people as BBM, to both iOS and Android powered smartphone users. This was to popularize the messaging service to non-BlackBerry users. However, one day later, only the iOS version was available for online download while the Android version was delayed. Android users seem to be disappointed when they found out what happened but all they can do is wait for the company’s new announcement of the release.

BlackBerry Messenger for Android Will Have a Delayed Release Date

Previously, BBM was only available for BlackBerry mobile phones. Nevertheless, since the company is suffering slightly from lack of sales and weak marketing, they decided that making BBM available for other smartphones might help them get back on their feet. Now, BBM is available for download in the App Store free of charge. Soon, Google Play will also have its version ready. However, this may lead the BBM to compete against larger brands in the communication industry such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Both applications are available on mobile handsets with iOS and Android operating systems but we still don’t know how BlackBerry will perform on it.


Specifically, the BlackBerry Messenger has affordable internet access for users from network operators presently carrying the brand. It also has the ability to ‘ping’ contacts and maintain privacy by using a PIN instead of the phone number. Apparently, this was the selling feature that made it so popular with the residents of South Africa. Now, BlackBerry is expanding the market for its communication service to non-BlackBerry users. According to some news, it also formed a partnership with Samsung in innovating the future Galaxy gadgets in terms of its communication features. This time, only customer experience and satisfaction are the basic indicators that can tell whether BBM can be a dominant name in its industry.

BlackBerry Messenger for Android Will Have a Delayed Release Date

On the other hand, since the delayed release of the Android version of BBM, BlackBerry has been warning customers about the fake version that was released on the internet. According to them, they should ignore such fake applications because the real and legitimate one still is not available in online stores. Although BlackBerry did not officially say the reason behind the delay of their release, they did thank their customers for being patient in waiting. They also promised that they will announce any updates as soon as they can and that they will do everything to release the product as soon as possible.

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