Microsoft Might Join Google and Apple in Mobile Productivity Wars

Jaycee De Guzman September 22, 2013 0
Microsoft Might Join Google and Apple in Mobile Productivity Wars


The announcement of free iWork office productivity suite for iOS devices came in a couple of days ago. A lot of smartphone and tablet user were enticed by this offering. Google followed the lead by announcing that its recently-acquired mobile office productivity app QuickOffice will also be available for free to Google account users. It was also added by a whopping 10 gigabyte worth of free cloud data storage from Google Drive. Some tech reporters think that Microsoft will not let these two companies take all the sales. A recent report showed that Microsoft might join these two tech giants competing in the mobile productivity arena.

Microsoft Might Join Google and Apple in Mobile Productivity Wars

Microsoft Chief Exec Hints About Company’s Possible New Plans

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’ CEO talked about the company’s future plans of bringing its products to become compatible with non-Windows platforms. These non-Windows platforms could be iOS, Android or both. The chief executive also told financial analysts that they are working on things that should be worked on. Although Ballmer did not directly mention about Microsoft Office, reporters and analysts clearly think that the company is currently working on offering their proprietary to non-Windows OS units such as iOS and Android devices. Microsoft Office is a hit on the Personal Computer market that is currently dominated by Windows OS. However, the company fails to transmit its PC success in the smartphone and tablet market. Its products such as Windows 8 mobile OS, Windows Phone and Surface tablet are currently being beaten by mobile device giants Apple and Google.


Microsoft Might Join Google and Apple in Mobile Productivity Wars

Four Major Specific Areas Microsoft Will Focus in the Coming Years

Ballmer did not mention clearly about the company’s plan on offering Microsoft Office to Android and iOS devices. However, the chief executive did mention about the company’s target specific areas where they will focus and work on in the next years. According to him, Microsoft must deliver on achieving success with Office 365 and Azure Cloud system, Smartphones and Tablets, Windows PCs and innovation in opportunities that are of “high-value”. Although the smartphone and tablet market is slowly catching up with the PC market, Microsoft is still dedicated to work on the latter since people eventually turn to PCs when it comes to productivity since smartphones and tablets are not capable of performing sophisticated tasks. Meanwhile, Office 365 is the company’s suite available on the cloud for messaging, collaboration apps and productivity. The suite is currently doing well in its area with reported annual revenue rate of US$1.5 billion.

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