PlayStation Will Release iOS and Android Application in November

Jaycee De Guzman September 22, 2013 0
PlayStation Will Release iOS and Android Application in November


Due in November, avid gamers and future owners of the upcoming Sony PS4 will now be able to use their mobile devices as a game controller as well as second screen when playing games. The information came from Polygon, a gaming news website, and according to them, the PlayStation application will be available for download for smartphone users with both iOS and Android operating system. Of course, this will be an added points for customers to consider when buying the Sony game console.

PlayStation Will Release iOS and Android Application in November

At this week’s Tokyo Game Show 2013, the mentioned company revealed the launch date of the application along with the information about their new modernization. First of all, the PS4 gadget is specifically scheduled to be available in stores on November 15 in North America while the release in Europe will be on November 29. The new PS4 is one of the latest Sony’s products that gamers have been waiting for a long time.


On the other hand, according to Sony, the PlayStation App will execute several purposes for its users. For both iOS and Android users, the said application can turn the operating systems’ devices into a game controller. It lets the gamer maximize the purposes of having a mobile phone as a smaller, lighter and easy to carry device. What’s more is that it can also serve as a second screen for certain parts of the game to be expanded coming from the console to the said device. Lastly, it can be used as a conduit onto the PlayStation Network by Sony.

PlayStation Will Release iOS and Android Application in November

The importance of applications on the activities that people engage themselves with is important these days. Through the Sony PlayStation Network, gamers everywhere can use the new application as a new social networking tool wherein they can see what other gamers are playing in their own Sony PS4. This can also be used to buy trending games online and directly download it to the gamers’ console. It saves the gamers time and money in investing in their pleasures ad luxury. Furthermore, In the PlayStation Network, gaming invitations can be sent to players who want to join others on a certain gameplay. It also features a chat box which can be connected to Facebook and Twitter. However, although Sony released the information that the application will be released in the next two months, there is no news yet about how much it will cost.

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