Sony PlayStation 4 Gets Asian Shipping Ahead of Microsoft Xbox One

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Tech giants Sony and Microsoft are set to square off again in the gaming arena as their respective gaming consoles are set be released in the coming months. However, it seems like Sony will be much ahead of Microsoft in terms of sales in Asia and release date for PlayStation 4 is set to be shipped in December 2013. Microsoft has not yet released a firm expected shipping date for their much-awaited Xbox One, especially in Asian countries. This would just mean that Sony will be able to sell their PS 4 in Asia a lot earlier.

Sony PlayStation 4 Gets Asian Shipping Ahead of Microsoft Xbox One

Sony Computer Entertainment to Focus on Asian Region

Microsoft has already announced a shipping date for Xbox One, which is on November 22, 2013, but for 13 countries only and none of these countries is from Asia. Meanwhile, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia’s deputy resident, Hiroyuki Oda, said that they will really focus on the Asian region as Sony’s home country is Japan. Starting December 2013, PS4 will be available in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. This will be followed by a Japan release after two months. The Microsoft Xbox One is believed to be released in Asia by late 2014 only. Meaning, Sony has almost a whole year to sell and promote their new PlayStation 4 ahead of Xbox One. It will be priced at Asian countries as follows: 1,130 baht (Thailand), 1,088 Taiwan dollars (Taiwan), S$ 43.90 (Singapore), 129 ringgit (Malaysia), 41,800 won (Korea), 350,000 rupiah (Indonesia) and 268 HKD (Hong Kong).


Sony PlayStation 4 Gets Asian Shipping Ahead of Microsoft Xbox One

High Expectations for PS 4 Sales at Its First Months

Sony Corp. has lowered the introductory price of PS 4 compared to its predecessor, the PS 3. In 2006, when the PS 3 was introduced, it was priced at $599 and sold for about 3.55 million units during its first months. With the PS 4’s price lowered to just $399, Sony is expecting it to surpass the sales of PS 3 during the same period. They are predicting a whopping five million units to be sold, way above the PS 3’s record. The US release of PS 4 is set a week before Microsoft Xbox One’s debut. The Xbox One will be sold at $499. With the PS 4 cheaper by a hundred bucks compared to its rival, Sony is very hopeful to clinch its top sales against its competitors in the gaming arena.

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