Sony’s Latest PS Vita TV Specifications and Initial Review

Jaycee De Guzman September 23, 2013 0
Sony’s Latest PS Vita TV Specifications and Initial Review


During the latest Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed the new gadget that it already announced a few weeks ago for avid gamers around the world. Called the PS Vita TV, this new toy will let users play games using a bigger screen. Somehow, this new device is being compared to Apple TV but with a whole different kind of purpose. It’s like the Sony PS Vita but without the controls.

Purposely, this new gadget is made with an Ouya-esque micro-console and a second-room mini Sky box set. Reduced to a smaller 6cm x 10cm chassis, the PS Vita TV is shorter but wider than iPhone 5. For connectivity, plug it into the telly and it can be controlled using a DualShock 3 joypad. It also has the capacity to run games, TV and open electronic books.

Sony’s Latest PS Vita TV Specifications and Initial Review

Colored white, the PS Vita TV is portable with its own USB and HDMI ports, audio jack, memory card slot and Ethernet. It also comes with a small stand which the user can use to vertically prop the gadget where its wires run down behind it like a a common router without being too messy. Furthermore, the PS Vita TV is just as similar as the PS Vita. It has the same bubble wrap, photo gallery application, Netflix, as well as game selection. What Sony actually added is an option to connect to PS 4 through a PSN ID wherein users can immediately access games that they bought.


In terms of playing games, the resolution may look a little stretched sometimes but Sony was still able to maintain the best performance that its products always inhibits. Also, next year, the company is planning to release the Gaikai-powered cloud with the OnLive-esque service which will be available for PS Vita, Vita TV, PS3, as well as PS4. It will make the PS Vita TV a part of the connected media group of Sony devices. Users can then stream games, music and films of any kind.

Sony’s Latest PS Vita TV Specifications and Initial Review

However, right now, users just have to enjoy the current line of the latest Sony gadgets. In PS Vita TV’s case, it seems that experts were pretty interested in its cheap but respectable streaming performance. It could definitely be the next addition to gamer’s PlayStation gadgets. Unfortunately, Sony didn’t have any announcement yet on when this product will be released in the UK. On November 14, it will be available in Japan with prices that start from Y9,480 to Y14,280 depending on the bundle.

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