Sony’s PS Vita Slim Specifications and Initial Review

Jaycee De Guzman September 22, 2013 0
Sony’s PS Vita Slim Specifications and Initial Review


The new Sony gadget may not be in stores yet but it already had its debut at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 wherein a lot of experts and individuals were able to check it out with a brief hands-on experience. As a revised model of the PS Vita, the PS Vita Slim is an attractive device with lower values than its larger predecessor. Although it feels plastic, it is still well made and sleek for a gaming device with lower than a premium level.

Sony’s PS Vita Slim Specifications and Initial Review

In terms of the physical appearance, PS Vita Slim’s Start and Select buttons are now made in a circular shape. Also, this Sony gadget is intentionally made slimmer and lighter than the original because once it is released in stores, it will serve as Sony PS4’s sidekick for Remote Play. But to require a less demanding budget, Sony tweaked the product a little bit and one of the changes is that the double encased body that PS Vita had before is now exposed and unsealed. However, even with a smaller physique, the PS Vita Slim still has the possibility to be uncomfortable in the hand. It has low quality material, which made it rough to hold and accidental drops may cause it real trouble.


On the other hand, the new PS Vita Slim will sport a 5-inch multi-capacitive LCD screen display that will feature reflective ability and saturated colors. Although the premium predecessor of the said product had OLED screen which was way better, Sony had to reduce both specifications and price. In the same way, the touch panel which used to take the whole back of the PS Vita is now smaller with only a specific area where it can be used.

Sony’s PS Vita Slim Specifications and Initial Review

This is just a first impression review but the general verdict is that the new Sony PS Vita Slim is a compromised device wherein every bit of change done on this product is all for making it cheaper. PS Vita, the premium model, cannot be denied the title of being a great gadget but its budget requirement had always been its biggest flaw. However, on a more objective note, the new Slim might be a significant product especially for gamers who like the idea of consoles being portable. Although the price and release date in the UK are still unannounced, the PS Vita Slim will be out in Japan on October 10 and sell at Y18, 980.

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