Envy 11: The First HP Computer Built With Its Own Leap Motion Sensor

Jaycee De Guzman September 23, 2013 1


A couple of months ago, Hewlett-Packard made a deal with Leap Motion for a new gadget they they are going to work on together. Now, for the first time ever, the world is witnessing the fresh product of the said collaboration. Called the Envy 11, this HP computer is built with its own Leap Motion technology.

Physically, the new Envy 11 is considered to be an outlier because of its 17.3 inches of screen size. It  definitely pushed the limits of easier portability but the large space actually made it possible for the Leap Motion to be embedded on the device. The Leap Motion features a motion sensor which has a precise authenticating ability in discerning all 10 fingers of the user or owner. The said sensor is located on a thin strip placed horizontally on the right side of the trackpad.

Envy 11 - The First HP Computer Built With Its Own Leap Motion Sensor

Compared to the standard and specific Leap Motion sensor that consumers buy today, this HP feature is thinner as well as longer. According to the said company, it is the smallest Leap Motion technology that can be embedded to another external device that the two companies were able to innovate. The reason is that they had to design a specific sensor that can fit a laptop. HP’s Leap Motion is only 0.14 inches in height and yet it has an impressive 3D feature of its own. On the other hand, Airspace which is Leap Motion’s app store is pre-installed on the new HP Envy 11. It comes with drivers for the controller and so users can use it immediately after taking  out of the box.


Envy 11 - The First HP Computer Built With Its Own Leap Motion Sensor

Curiously, when experts tried to check the Leap Motion controller, they found bugs surrounding the new technology. But focusing on the good thing about this, consumers can see HP’s attempt in creating a new experience when it comes to controlling a computer. Right now, although there are only a few of them, applications which can be used to control Leap Motion and bring out its total potential are available on the internet.

The new HP Envy 11 is definitely a new product that gadget lovers will check out. It has the impressive features that customers look for when buying a new computer. But this is only an initial report and more are definitely to come. According to the news, it will come out sometime in October of this year and will sell at $1,049.99.

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