The iOS 7 Gives Several of the Most Loved Applications a Revamp

Jaycee De Guzman September 22, 2013 0
The iOS 7 Gives Several of the Most Loved Applications a Revamp


The Apple iOS 7 is the latest operating system that the company has to offer to its users. It’s also the operating system that is running the newly released iPhone 5S. According to reviews, the system software is very easy to handle and much faster as compared to the previous systems the company has released.

Applications are a lot faster, switching tabs are quicker and most of all, there are no lags during and whenever the system is working. It appears to everyone that the new system is just as worthy to be paired with the latest iPhone model.

Aside from that, there is so much to love about the new iOS 7. It gives almost all, if not all of the applications a makeover. Facebook, Twitter, Kindle and many others are allowed to make minor and major changes in how the applications would display and operate its settings.

The iOS 7 Gives Several of the Most Loved Applications a Revamp

Twitter With Music Service

Yes you read it right! The appearance of Twitter was also updated by the system. Not only that, it allows Twitter users this time to connect with the music services, which are all made available by Apple.

This time around, Twitter users will be able to find out the trending music for the day or throughout the week. This is going to be possible by logging in to the iTunes Radio and choose any of the music stations that are available in the software. Also, Siri can help the user find the latest news and trending topics on Twitter anytime.

A Friendlier Facebook

There’s nothing much that has changed on the platform. However, it’s a lot easier to switch from different tabs on Facebook this time. There’s also an added menu that says “More” that will show all of the activities on your Timeline.


So Facebook users can now easily switch from Messages to Notifications then go back to News Feeds page this time.

The iOS 7 Gives Several of the Most Loved Applications a Revamp

Instant Vimeo

By a simple tap on the screen, the users can immediately upload videos to their accounts on Vimeo. They can do this either on their iPhone, iPod or iPad devices. It’s also great that the users can also play the videos anytime they want even if they’re offline. The feature is named as “even offline” on the application.

Evernote Made Simple

This application is very useful and some features are added to it this time. The users can easily take down notes while listening carefully to the audio played at the same time. The QuickNote feature is also very convenient, which is also an added feature of the application.

The EverNote also has an audio recorder this time. It will allow the users to type for as long as they want while listening to the recording.

These are only four of the several applications that have been given a make-over by the new operating system. The company is being smart enough to give more satisfaction to its consumers aside from its concern on its sales rate alone. We are all waiting for the next update of the operating system and we’re all hoping it would still be great and useful like the iOS 7.

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