The Latest Acer Aspire M5 Computer Specifications and Review

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The recently unveiled Acer Aspire M5, of which the specific model name is M5-583P-6428, is a large laptop with touchscreen features that has enough impressive exhibitions to consider $700 as a bargain price. This new computer is attractively slim, light, and powered with excellent battery life. At 0.7 inches thick and 4.9 pounds, it can perform superbly in serving its purpose.

The new M5 is sporting Intel’s integrated HD4400 graphics as well as Core i5-4200U which is one of the latest chips in the same company’s line of Haswell mobile central processing units. In addition, it has a widely spacious 8GB of DDR3/1600 RAM and a hard disk of 500GB/5400rpm. However, this laptop might be a little behind on tasks focusing on storage retrieval because its hard drive, even with such specifications, still can’t compete against solid-state drives or SSD. The good thing is that the Haswell side of the product made sure that it can maintain its strength in doing Acer native tasks. Also, it has a battery life that can reach up to 7 hours.

The Latest Acer Aspire M5 Computer Specifications and Review


A multi-touch track pad with mechanical controls of the respective left and right side of the mouse is also featured in this new Aspire M5. In the same way, it has a fun and bright 10-point touchscreen display on a 15.6 inches of screen but with only a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. There is no optical drive but streaming 1080p videos can still look good especially with the laptop’s audio system with a built-in Dolby Home Theater. It includes a powerful amplifier and four speakers mounted at the bottom of the device. Connectivity-wise, the Acer computer also has all the basic ports to use.

The Latest Acer Aspire M5 Computer Specifications and Review

For a first impression, the latest Acer Aspire M5 is doing pretty well. In terms of design, it has a pewter-colored metal lid with black underbelly. Matching the lid is the plastic interior while underbelly and keyboard are similarly colored. However, when typing, the keys might be slightly slippery for the fingers. If Acer added tweaks to it and made it more like the standard keyboard platform, then it would be easier for users. But for consumers who are interested in buying a notebook with more respectable features, the Acer Aspire M5 can be a great choice. It sells at a price that balances performance and has the specifications which are rarely found together in one device.

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