Apple Beats Its Own Record: iPhone 5S and 5C Sell Like Pancakes

Jaycee De Guzman September 24, 2013 0
Apple Beats Its Own Record: iPhone 5S and 5C Sell Like Pancakes


A couple of days ago, Apple skeptics were pretty much sure the new models of iPhones launched will not have an astounding impact to smartphone fanatics. However, the launching of the new iPhone 5S and 5C models just had an incredible response from smartphone consumers. It can be considered that the launching of their new devices was the best launching they have had. Aside from that, their new and revamped iOS platform also received positive feedback from its new and existing users. Millions have already updated their Apple devices into the new iOS 7.

Apple Beats Its Own Record: iPhone 5S and 5C Sell Like Pancakes

iPhone 5S and 5C’s Demand: Incredible

In an announcement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Monday (September 23), he said that new iPhone sales are now at 9 million units sold over the last three days. This is the best weekend for a new iPhone launch yet for Apple in terms of sales. The figure is the combined sales for iPhone 5S and 5C. The company is already expecting the new iPhone models to surpass their former 5 million units sold with its predecessor but surprised how the consumers incredibly demanded for the new iPhones. The 9 million unit record will now be the new benchmark for the company’s launch-weekend records. The high demand for the new iPhones already showed during its first-day release with people lining up outside stores several hours before the official sale starts. A lot of them really want to have that new iPhone 5S in gold color and the addition of a fingerprint sensor. Initial iPhone 5S supply also ran out because of the massive demand from customers.


Apple Beats Its Own Record - iPhone 5S and 5C Sell Like Pancakes

New iOS Major Update Also a Hit for Apple

A lot of existing iPhone, iPad and iPod users also waited patiently to be one of the first Apple device users to have the new iOS7. The launching date of iOS 7 prompted a lot of positive response from existing Apple device users. It even trended on social media with people shouting their patience in waiting for the iOS 7 update and how they felt when they first experienced the revamped platform. Together with the announcement of the record-breaking launch-weekend record of the new iPhone models, Apple CEO also told reporters that there are already 200 million Apple devices that are now running on the iOS 7 platform. They also claimed that the figures also made iOS 7 the fastest and most rapid software update in the history.

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