Apple TV OS Update Gets an Update After the Buggy Initial Release

Jaycee De Guzman September 24, 2013 0


A few days ago, existing Apple TV users were very excited about the release of the much awaited 6.0 version of their TV unit’s software. After several days of using their updated TVs, users began experiencing problems probably related to the recent update. These problems such as bricking LED display, library loss and slow downloads made existing users complain about the recently released software revamp. It disappointed excited users that have been waiting for the new free music streaming service from Apple. Because of the problems that plagued the Apple TV 6.0 update, the Cupertino Company pulled it out from its servers to work on its flaws and bugs.

Apple TV OS Update Gets an Update After the Buggy Initial Release

Revamped Update Released to Ease Tension From Angry Users

After a thorough work on the recent update, Apple on Monday (September 23) released a new version of the update to ease the anger of disappointed Apple TV users. The update is now back with some additional features. These new features include the new iTunes Radio that will enable free streaming of online music content and another feature that lets users access the iTunes Music Store for actual purchase of albums and track with the Apple TV. For sure, angry users will now be able to enjoy their Apple TVs with the new update.


Apple TV OS Update Gets an Update After the Buggy Initial Release

Apple TV 6.0 Update’s Other Features and Improvements

The Apple TV 6.0 update is a much-awaited one since the company has not been able to release a new TV software for a while. In addition to that, some exciting features and improvements were added to the TV update. The new TV update will now support the newly-released iOS 7 which sets a record-breaking 200 million users few days after its release. Also, the Apple TV 6.0 update will also enable Airplay from iCloud that will make the device able to stream videos purchased from the cloud directly. iCloud Photos and Videos were also made available to replace the old Photostream feature. The Airplay feature is also expected to battle with Google’s Chromecast. A new conference mode was also included in the new version that will enable users to customize backgrounds that will entice users who are always using the device for presentation purposes. This TV software update is also believed to be a prequel to the release of a new Apple TV model in the next months.

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