Did You Feel the Launch of Blackberry’s BBM for iOS and Android?

Jaycee De Guzman September 24, 2013 0
Did You Feel the Launch of Blackberry’s BBM for iOS and Android?


Blackberry used to be the leading company of elegant and business smartphones, which means this company used to be on top. But, the market instantly shifted its attention to the Android operating system that offer and continues to offer several applications for the consumers’ satisfaction.

Since then, the company lost a lot of consumers and its sales rate never went back to normal. It was very obvious that Blackberry suddenly went out of the scene and we can only see a few people using it as of this time. The company still continues to bring us new smartphone lines, but it never surpassed the popularity and the high demand of the Android powered phones.

However, the company has finally found a way to resolve its sales issue. There are several rumors that Blackberry is even starting to decrease in terms of its demands even in its home country, Canada. These issues could be true, but it seems like the company has found its ways to pull itself back together and start fresh.

Did You Feel the Launch of Blackberry's BBM for iOS and Android

Is Blackberry Going Bankrupt?

Rumors have come out and continue to be unconfirmed as of the moment. The company is rumored to do some major laying-off of its employees before the year ends or during the first quarter of the year 2014. Speculations continue to spread that the company will have to lay-off at least 50% – 60% of its workers because the company is going to venture into a new genre.

More of the workers in the sales department will be laid-off and will have to wait for further notice. This was partially confirmed by Blackberry, but its representatives never agreed that the rumors are true.

Did You Feel the Launch of Blackberry's BBM for iOS and Android


BBM for Android and iOS This Weekend

According to Andrew Bocking, they are certain that this concept will be successful. The officials of the company are currently receiving positive feedback from the market as early as now. Bocking was asked for the reason why the company decided to offer the application to non-Blackberry users and it gave a seemingly fair answer.

He stated that BBM is an application that will allow the users to send messages and share photos online for free. He has also stated that they have been getting requests from different users that BBM should be shared to the entire market and not just for the Blackberry users.

Did You Feel the Launch of Blackberry's BBM for iOS and Android

The company is confident enough that this is just the new beginning of the company. There are still over 60 million people that continue to use the company’s smartphones and the BBM application. They have also confirmed that they have already received more than 2 million pre-registrations request from outside users of the application.

It’s good to know that the BBM application will now be available for the whole market to enjoy and we will only have to wait for a few days for the said event. But, the public is still thinking if this is a good way for Blackberry to regain its fame or just another strategy to cover-up its losses in the past few years.

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