Introducing the Kids App Store Application by Apple

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To take better care for children who, by their early age, already know how to operate their devices, Apple is now launching its own Kids App Store. The launch date will be sometime around the fourth week of September 2013 along the release of the iOS7 operating system. According to the company, however, the Kids App Store is not a separate application for children but rather a new part of the current App Store.

Introducing the Kids App Store Application by Apple

The current App Store is now going to feature a new category specifically for kids. Applications being sold on this platform are going to be listed according to three age ranges: 5 and under, 6 to 8 and 9 to 11 years old. This can help parents in looking for games and applications that can let their children learn new things and play enjoying games. Furthermore, Apple is following the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which means that they take parental consent seriously and that they can’t ask personal information from children unless it serves the applicable privacy statuses of children. These information are also not allowed to be transmitted. There will also be no more spam pop-ups to trick children to buy something in the Kids App Store.

Introducing the Kids App Store Application by Apple


When Apple had its Worldwide Developers Conference this summer, they already had the App Store adopt some changes. For instance, the bottom menu didn’t have Genius because it was removed. On the other hand, there may also come a time that Apple will allow children younger than 13 years old to sign up and create their own iTunes account. These kinds of account will be filtered and funneled through educational institutions approved by the company. Basically, with border lines around, Apple is allowing children to directly access mobile applications. However, experts are kind of noting that Apple may face more criticisms in the future when this innovation is finally put to use.

Introducing the Kids App Store Application by Apple

For application developers who directly cater children, they are required to comply with Apple’s policies but according to them, it is not much of an issue. They said that they only have to make minor changes as well as add refined privacy policy for the applications that they release in the Kids App Store. For instance, Mindshapes, which is a kids’ application developer, already implemented features such as the involvement of parents in any transactions that the children will do outside of the link-based content or the applications itself will require.

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