iPhone 5S and 5C Hit More Than Their Target Digits

Jaycee De Guzman September 24, 2013 0
iPhone 5S and 5C Hit More Than Their Target Digits


How true can it be? Apple has confirmed that its efforts in successfully launching its newest flagship smartphones are way more successful than last year’s iPhone 5. This appears to be true because the two handsets are garnering better sales feedback from all around the world.

Apple decided to launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in a number of countries this time and it even included China. This strategy is proven to be successful because the company was able to sell more or less 9 million handsets this weekend. The two handsets were launched last weekend and it certainly hit the target.

iPhone 5S and 5C Hit More Than Its Target Digits

It was a struggling 2012 for the company because it had a hard time to break the success of Samsung. Samsung is considered to be the Android King today and is bringing the consumers a lot of options to choose from. However, the company strongly agrees that the two new handsets will make it increase its sales this year and will regain its top position.

2 Million Handsets Sold in China

It’s a good start for Apple to finally include China in one of the few countries that were able to launch the new handsets. China is a very big country with a huge population count that takes advantage of smartphones.

According to reports, more consumers in China were waiting for the new iPhone 5S rather than the iPhone 5C. However, consumer analysts have stated that more iPhone 5Cs were disposed in China last weekend.


iPhone 5S and 5C Hit More Than Its Target Digits

Apple sold fairly last year with the iPhone 5. But, the sales of both of the handsets reached more than 2 million this time in China. This is almost the same number of consumers that purchased the iPhone 5 last year, though it fluctuated when the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 were released. Aside from that, Apple has a number of competitors in China with the likes of HTC and Huawei. These two companies are also making they way to the top right now.

iPhone 5C – Such a Disappointment

Apple was very proud when it introduced its low-cost smartphone during the launch. But, everyone didn’t expect that it’s just going to be a few hundred dollars cheaper than the iPhone 5S. Its polycarbonate body and minimal features don’t make it reasonable for the price that it carries.

A lot of the consumer analysts have observed that Apple only gave the iPhone 5 a minor revamp and released it as the iPhone 5C. However, it still runs iOS 7 which isn’t that enticing to a lot of consumers.

iPhone 5S and 5C Hit More Than Its Target Digits

However, these reports of increased sales may or may not last for the company. We all know that other consumer electronics companies are also on their way to release their latest smartphones. Not to mention that Samsung gradually launches its new smartphones every year.

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