Steam OS Announced by Valve Aiming to Revive PC Gaming Market

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With the rapid growth of the tablet market, more and more people are contented to play games with such a small screen and limited capabilities. Slowly, tablets are becoming everyday devices for people while PC sales are slowly shrinking. Aiming to bring back life into the PC gaming market, Valve, a video games publisher and developer announced its new Steam OS. The said new OS is free of charge and is aimed to entice gamers back into PC gaming. Aside from that, gaming console manufacturers will be able to use the said OS for their respective gaming hardware without any fee.

Steam OS Announced by Valve Aiming to Revive PC Gaming Market

Valve Dedicated to Bring Back Life to Gaming With New Offerings

Valve’s announcement of Steam OS is just first of its three new offerings for this week, according to reports. The company is hoping to revive and dictate the ‘future’ of PC gaming with their new products. According to reports, the company is anticipated to launch its own gaming console that will be called as the Steam Box. The Steam Box is set to battle with the dominant Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox series. On the other hand, their new OS will be available for download soon as stated in the company’s official website. The Linux-based OS will be able to make manufacturers produce their own Steam OS-powered machines cheaper than those running on the licensed operating system since the new OS will have an open source code for everyone.


Steam OS Announced by Valve Aiming to Revive PC Gaming Market

Valve: Growing Gaming Company on a Sinking Ship

Through its distribution service Steam, Valve and its publishing partners are known to sell famous games such as Half-Life. Steam began in 2002 to update games easier for users. However, it now became a major channel for selling game titles for Valve. To date, about 2,000 game titles are available on the service. However, experts say that the PC gaming market has significantly shrunk with the rapid trending of tablet computing. Valve is still hopeful to make a change in the deteriorating sales of the PC gaming market. Its new gaming console, the Steam Box, is set to be launched later this last week of September 2013. Bringing back gamers to their living rooms will be hard for Valve since gamers are now more proactive and they usually seek games on the go. Aside from that, more challenges await Valve but the company is confident they will be able to overcome them.

Steam OS Announced by Valve Aiming to Revive PC Gaming Market

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