Alcatel One Touch Fire to Be First Powered by New Mozilla OS

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0
Alcatel One Touch Fire to Be First Powered by New Mozilla OS

The Android innovation isn’t stopping! We have known Google to have created the Android evolution. Google has done a very great job and create a very big impact to the evolution of technology. It seems like every single day, the leading brands of devices struggle the latest operating system. Would there be anything else aside from Android? No wonder Mozilla feels the pressure. While Android gives a big impact in the market, Mozilla is on its way to release its own version of Android. Alcatel is yet to introduce the Alcatel One Touch Fire later this year, the first mobile to be powered by a Mozilla OS. There is no exact date and price confirmed. Mozilla has very high hopes in this OS to work and be used by Android geeks.

Alcatel One Touch Fire to Be First Powered by New Mozilla OS

The Alcatel One Touch Fire is expected to be one of those affordable Android type phones. It will display a 3.5 inch screen. It carries a 256MB RAM, with a built-storage of MB. You would probably rush and get yourself an additional memory card to enjoy more of this phone. At the same time, it is powered with a 1GHz processor. This may sound not enough for the users though, but Mozilla stands to its promise that the device can offer the user what other brands has to offer.

This phone may be considered to be one of the middle class range phones. The phone has a funky and hip appearance. It seems this phone will be loved by teens as their first handsets, not to mention that it doesn’t have any LED flash. For a beginner in the market, it obviously features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Its applications are also displayed on the home screen. The home screen serves as the launcher of all applications. The icons are placed on separate panes on the home screen. The panes can be easily swiped too. Plus, you an easily pull the status bar either up or down. This phone literally has the features that an average normal person would need.

With all these competitions, Mozilla expects to hit big time in the market. Mozilla has confirmed that the device will be distributed to all mobile carriers around the globe. The Alcatel One Touch Fire appears to be making its first step forward in this era of Android.

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