Must-Read: Oracle Launched New Products at OpenWorld Convention

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A Redwood City firm, Oracle has been the subject of news and trend lately because of its yacht sponsorship to America’s Cup. But during the company’s OpenWorld convention in San Francisco, the focus shifted back to the less glamorous but highly profitable technological products that capture both software and hardware. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellion delivered an opening remark that they are now able to create devices which can process data at incredible speeds.

Must-Read: Oracle Launched New Products at OpenWorld Convention

It was only recently that Oracle jumped into the mainstream consciousness of people. It is because of its affiliation to America’s Cup and the fact that the company’s team actually won two races last Sunday. Nevertheless, sooner or later, Oracle has to go back to business. In the most recent fiscal quarter, the said company earned at least $8.37 billion in revenue of its products. Hence, the OpenWorld 2013 is a significant event for the company and its customers as well.

Held in San Francisco, California, the OpenWorld 2013 is considered to be one of the biggest conventions hosted in the city. The attendance this year was expected to reach 60,000 which is 20 percent larger than last year. This still excludes the 2.1 million people who are expected to watch the online live feed video stream until the conference ends next Thursday. According to a representative of the organizers, there are individuals who paid at much as $3,450 just to be able to attend.


Must-Read: Oracle Launched New Products at OpenWorld Convention

At the Howard Street, the street was taken over by tents, dining areas and exhibits and the whole area was blocked to traffic. According to the city mayor, the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 will generate at least $120 million for the Bay Area. He warmly welcomed attendees of the conference while being mindful of the traffic mess that the event actually caused. At night, the Howard Street becomes a nightclub with lights and music blaring everywhere.

Must-Read: Oracle Launched New Products at OpenWorld Convention

On the other hand, Larry Ellison’s technical description of the new breakthrough that his company achieved includes a database information that has increased searching speed of about 100 times. It has the ability to scan columns of data at billions of rows each second. In addition, there is a database storage device that is a lot more cheaper than IBM products, its rival. The second product unveiled at the the OpenWorld is the Oracle Database Backup Logging and Recovery Appliance that Ellison named himself.

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