Slate 7 – The Official Android Tablet of HP to Be Released Very Soon

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0

Samsung Electronics announced on Sunday its latest innovation! An Android Tablet PC that will capture input data from a pen. Though announced a lot earlier, it is said to be released in stores within the months of April and June. It will just be a few months more. Samsung has its own share of publicity and fame, but another competitor for its tablet PC is on its way – HP (Hewlett-Packard Co.). It has a sleek name of HP Slate 7.

Slate 7 – The Official Android Tablet of HP to Be Released Very Soon

HP has announced the coming of its Android Tablet – the Slate 7, in Barcelona, Spain. The previous release of the Touchpad with a different operating system made it difficult for them to convince users to switch from Apple iPad or the Android ones. According to HP, nothing has beaten Android’s fast domination because of its very user-friendly features. Amazon, Samsung and other brands of tablets can attest to that. The Slate 7 also appears to be HP’s version of Windows 8. Such reason probably led the company to partner with Google’s Android. So much for that, the Slate 7 has a lavishing 7-inch screen, portable enough to bring anytime, anywhere.

On that note, the Slate 7 Android Tablet is set to entice the users of the corporate class. HP has confirmed that it can offer more than what Windows 8 tablet PC can offer to its consumers. It has promised that the Slate 7 can interpret and communicate with printers. HP is known to be the best leading brand of printers in the world. The Slate 7 will also carry an Android version close the vanilla edition.

But according to Alberto Torres, the division head of Hewlett-Packard’s Mobile Technology Department, the company will still be closely attached with Microsoft for its other particular devices. He has also confirmed that Android is the most affordable operating system that any technology company can afford. Using Android will make it a lot easier for HP to reach out to its target market. The Slate 7 will be available at an introductory price of $169.  It is described as to be too expensive compared to any other Android Tablet that has the same features. Apparently, it costs fifty percent the price of Apple’s iPad mini. All of this information was officially announced in Barcelona, Spain. It was a day before the Mobile World Congress. It is the congress that will meet mobile operators, technology executives and companies. At the same time an exhibition of modern technology.

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