Razer Ouroboro Review The Secret to Winning Any Computer Game

Jaycee De Guzman September 24, 2013 1


At $150, gamers can buy the new Razer Ouroboro which is a highly-customizable and left-handed friendly mouse. It is wireless and has a gorgeous design. It might be a little expensive but for avid gamers who can afford, this might just become one of their newest favorite gadgets.

Razer Ouroboro Review: The Secret to Winning Any Computer Game

It is an interesting concept when developers invent gaming mice. Compared to the usual point-and-click devices, this can make customers spend money if they really want to buy. So how exactly do you sell a gaming mouse? First of all, it should have flashy and funky designs which would catch the eyes of customers. Second, it should offer an upgrade that customers don’t see in the usual computer mouse. And lastly, it should maintain comfort when being used.

The Razer Ouroboro has an eye-catching design as if it was an imperial project merged with a fighter pilot’s idea of the space station. The charging dock functions as a wireless receiver can be plugged into a computer using the USB. Charging the mouse while using it is possible. Gamers can opt not to use the wireless feature by unplugging the mouse from the dock and using the USB cable to connect it to a computer. On the other hand, this device has five more buttons than the usual two and a scroll. It has two along the mouse’s spine and three on either side.


Razer Ouroboro Review: The Secret to Winning Any Computer Game

In terms of its bolt system, the Ouroboro will require a screwdriver before owners can loosen joints and open the rear cover. Once it is opened, there will be access to the AA battery compartment. Also, this is where owners can adjust the length of the mouse according to their preferences. It looks a little bit small so the said option comes as a plus point. There is also a wheel at the back which lets the palm angle be adjusted so the hand can sit right. Technically, the mouse is sturdy but it has soft matte panels that support it for extensive use. If used for the first time, Razer’s new gaming mouse may not be comfortable but as time passes, the experience gets incredibly better.

Razer Ouroboro Review: The Secret to Winning Any Computer Game

Generally, the Razer Ouroboro commends great functionality and it is actually worth the price. There are similar products at a lower price but they might not have the wireless feature. If $150 is too expensive for a mouse, experts are specifically suggesting the Logitech brand for customers.

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