Ascend P2 Has Been Introduced as the World’s Fastest Smartphone Ever Invented

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0

After the demonstrations that happened before the Mobile World Congress, the event was very successful. Google was surprisingly missing. Google announced Android last year that created a quick and a big impact in the world of technology. Huawei, on the other hand, was able to stand out. Huawei came in with a new campaign slogan that said, “Make it Possible”. It showcased a huge magnetic still that was left hanging in the air. Huawei at the same time announces its latest innovation of smartphones, the Ascend P2.

Ascend P2 Has Been Introduced as the World’s Fastest Smartphone Ever Invented

Huawei is also one of the leading brands for communication devices. Huawei is also a Chinese company that focuses mainly on creating mobile devices, like the Ascend P2. Huawei of China is proud to present its latest innovation as named earlier. It is promised to be the fastest smartphone ever created. It boasts its speed to be three times faster than any other smartphone created in the world. The device is set to carry Google’s Android software as well.

As promised by the company, the Ascend P2 users will enjoy connecting to the internet in no time. It is said to have a download speed two to three times faster than the latest smartphone. Downloading music, e-books and high definition movies will be done in a snap of a finger. When connected to a wireless connection, it is said to provide great satisfaction to its customers. Indeed, this must be the world’s fastest smartphone ever created.

Huawei is aiming to be on the top list with the help of the latest Ascend P2. Blackberry, the luxury smartphone brand, used to be at the height of grabbing the title as the world’s largest Smartphone creator. But, Huawei quickly wiped Blackberry out and got the title. Samsung and Apple remain to be at the very top. Samsung offers perfect features at very reasonable prices which entice everyone in the market.

Huawei has confirmed that it was able to ship a total of 127 million mobile devices. In which, almost fifty percent of the total shipment were smartphones. For this reason, Huawei gained a ten percent increase in its revenues and made them soar higher. It made them soar high that the brand has been already in the same level with Ericsson, one of the market leaders especially in Europe. Though there have been issues of too much cyber spying, the brand remained at its level and stayed unstoppable. Huawei and Samsung have been competing with Ericsson to host this year’s Mobile World Congress.

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