Get Your Videos Online and Fast Through RealPlayer Cloud

Jaycee De Guzman September 25, 2013 1
Get Your Videos Online and Fast Through RealPlayer Cloud


These days, there are a number of devices which not only support imaging features but also capture videos at a high resolution. It sounds so easy but it may not always be that simple. The thing about videos is that it can bear large file sizes which makes it hard to transfer and has file formats which may not be compatible to specific devices. The best solution to this problem is by using cloud sharing and storage websites. Some examples of cloud sharing websites include Instagram, Vine, SkyDrive and Dropbox. However, their main feature is not necessarily focused on storing videos online.

Get Your Videos Online and Fast Through RealPlayer Cloud

RealNetworks, a company which develops media software, is planning on launching RealPlayer Cloud. It is an application with the sole focus of storing videos and making them portable for sharing. Just like other cloud sharing websites, it will let its users upload, stream, share or download videos online. According to the company, the RealPlayer Cloud has the ability to reformat videos uploaded to its software. When the videos are being downloaded, it will automatically convert to a file type that is compatible with the specific device where it is being stored. It also considers the screen size, aspect ratio and size.


Furthermore, the RealPlayer Cloud application can work using updated Android gadgets, iPhones, iPads, Windows powered computers, as well as Roku TV boxes. There is also a Mac application available but it is still being developed by the company since it can only work on web browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome. Compared to default programs, the RealPlayer Cloud is tested to be better with easier navigation and respectable performance as a cloud sharing application. If users shared their videos through email, the recipients can watch through a link even if their devices don’t have the installed application. Also, since social networking sites share media to a larger group of people, videos uploaded in this application can be filtered to smaller groups.

Get Your Videos Online and Fast Through RealPlayer Cloud

RealNetworks made their new application available for free but it comes with a catch. The cloud sharing website’s charges will come from storage sizes. For free, the user can get 2GB of free space. Beyond that, users will have to pay $49/year for 2GB, $99 for 100GB or $299 for 300GB of space. On Tuesday, it will finally hit the market but users might have to wait a little longer because the company is avoiding that their new application overload and crash.

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    Recently downloaded the android app ( and love the ease in which I can now share my videos without worrying about the size and especially formats!! Thanks for your post… good stuff! I recommend checking it out.

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